One, he’s the kind of president that will vote N10bn for 6 federal universities but will give N30bn for the entertainment industry.  They say it is a loan but is the  the entertainment industry the most endangered? What about the health and education sectors?

Two, he’s the type of president that  will vote N1.3bn for furniture in less than a year after his house was renovated for him and a similar amount spent by the deceased president on the same house?  Insensitive?  Selfish?

Three, he’s the kind of president that will provide intervention fund for the textile industry and less than one week later lift the ban on the importation of textile!

Four, he’s the kind  of  president  that will increase the age of cars allowed into the country  from 10 to 15 years when governments all over the world are spending billions to eliminate high carbon based carbon from the society because of negative impact on the environment. 

Five, he’s the kind of president that will set up six universities premised on a silly reason that every state should have one, created additional three when all the existing ones are in a state of uselessness due to huge under-funding?

Six, he’s the kind of president that will waive and allow duty free importation of rice into the country, denying our local farmers the revenue, the support and the patronage needed for growth; all in the name of politics.  Even Baba Iyabo was unhappy and could not believe that we import rice with so much local production going on.

Seven, he’s the kind of president that will consider creating an airport in each state of the federation when the existing international and local ones  are in ruins and taken over by goats and cows.   Please visit Kano International Airport at night and see whether you won't have to read psalm 23 for safe landing.

Eight, he’s the kind of president that will spend an entire $4.5bn in excess crude oil account in less than eight months; arguing that the  account is illegal but the people have not seen anything he did with the money. Na wa oh!

Nine, he’s the kind of president that will  spend N10bn or N17bn on an anniversary with nothing to write home about.  Ghana spent less than N200m and the impact is still on 2 years later – I still dey vex for this one!

Ten, he’s the kind of president who under the guise of raising money for election keeps the price of kerosene and AGO at over N130.  Well, it’s good for the masses.  Na only no queues at the filling station una dey see?

Eleven, he’s the kind of president who will spend so much money on a carnival like campaign around the country without spending time to reflect on the number of children without shoes, without books and without food.   Or are poverty stricken people no more in Nigeria?

In sum, the guy does not have the capacity to lead us.  Many say he’s nice.  That’s true but so are children; but if we allow them to lead even our houses, we can only harvest destruction.

Besides, who wants a nice president?  Nice neighbour, yes; nice wife, yes; nice friend, yes.  But a nice president?


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