In as much as I acknowledge the fact that Gen. Buhari has every right to complain, he should go down memory lane and find out where he made mistakes. It's not a secret that Gen. Buhari did not campaign in the South South, South East and South West as vigorously as he did in the North. What was Gen. Buhari thinking?

That only the Northern part of Nigeria would make him President if the all voted for him. In the same North that Gen. Buhari chose to challenge the results President Jonathan as hard as Gen. Buhari did. Why isn't Gen. Buhari challenging the results from the South? As an admirer of Gen. Buhari, I would advise him to tell his supporters to stop the riots and destructions in the states that Gen. Buhari won, in some cases with very large margin. Why destroy your own states because you are mad that Gen. Buhari did not do as well in other states? Although I would rather that you destroy your own states than any other states. You rioters and members of Gen. Buhari camp, have you asked yourselves what would have happened if Gen. Buhari had campaigned in the South as hard as he did in the North.

Let this be a lesson to those with the "Born to Rule" northern mentality that no one part of Nigeria can single handedly produce the president if enough support is not garnered from the other part of the country. I wonder what Gen. Buhari, Alhaji Shekareu and Nuhu Ribadu strategists were thinking of when all the northern presidential candidates chose to campaign vigorously in the North without making as much efforts in the South, allowing only President Jonathan to enjoy a true national campaign.

It's too bad this is the final attempt of Gen. Buhari for the Nigerian exalted office, if not I would have suggested that next time he sees Nigeria as East, West, North and South and not just as North, and then put in place a campaign strategy that will appeal to all Nigerians, Christians and Muslims alike. Having a former muslim controversial christian pastor convert as running mate is not enough if your message does not go across the national electorate in electioneering campaign.

  Rima Amadi, Newark, New Jersey, USA, [email protected]

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