The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has warned the PDP that any attempt to rig elections in Lagos or any part of the South West in the oncoming governorship election will truncate the present democracy. It therefore warns the PDP to cease from setting the country on fire through the type of massive rigging it has perfected and which has presently set the country on fire.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party says it is aware of subterranean moves by the PDP to rig the governorship election, not just in Lagos or the South West but the entire country but warns that such move would be counterproductive as the aftermaths of such a dastardly act will set the country on fire. It warns the PDP to start learning how to play by the rules instead of thinking it will be allowed to continue stealing the mandates of the people for selfish purposes.

“In the aftermath of the post electoral violence that had hit most parts of the North as a result of alleged manipulations of the presidential election in the South East and South South, it would be fool hardy for the PDP to think Nigerians will allow it to continue manipulating elections in the country. We want to let the PDP know that objective and serious thinking Nigerians know that the root cause of the problems we are experiencing in Nigeria including the recent post-election violence that hit the North are traceable to the attitude of the PDP, which sees elections as not a fair game that could be won through the votes of the people but a manipulable game that could be subjected to all manners of fraud.

“Once again, we are inundated with facts of planned rigging and manipulation of the coming governorship election in the South West, when the nation is yet to live down the ugly scepters of the presidential election. Perhaps, the PDP thinks that Nigerians are not aware of the root causes of the election turmoil that hit the North, which is PDP’s refusal to play by the legal rules of the game. We want to let them know that rigging the election in the South West and other parts of Nigeria will certainly help us address this malignant disease that has afflicted the PDP since it berthed in Nigeria to propagate election rigging, treasury raiding, impunity, kidnapping, bombing, killing, etc. we want to let the PDP know that Nigerians are alive and awake and any attempt to trifle with their interests will be met with such stiff resistance that no will certainly work towards the end of this hugely manipulated democracy. We want the PDP to remember Operation Wetie and the June 12 struggle and know that Nigerians are not as docile as they would want to believe.

“Lagos ACN wants to charge Prof, Jega and his INEC to sit up and address the many allegations of rigging, with which the PDP has rendered his carefully worked out electoral plan a huge joke. If he wants to gloss over these mounting and obvious cases of electoral malfeasance, we wish him the best of luck but he needs to know that the present elections are hugely manipulated especially at the collation centers and he must do something about it to prevent the implosion of the country. We want Jega to rein his Electoral Officers, especially in Lagos and the entire South West against being used to set the country on fire. We want to warn any electoral officer that plans to come to the South West to rig election to try something else as he or she would live to regret it.

“We want to alert all out members and supporters in Lagos, the South West and the entire country to be vigilant and monitor every action from polling booths to all the collation centers till the announcement of the final results. We want to charge them to insist on preventing rigging and ensure they thwart any effort by the unscrupulous elements in the PDP to rig the coming election. We want to warn that whoever attempts to rig the coming governorship election in Lagos, South West and the entire country will live to regret such dastardly action.”


Joe Igbokwe.

Publicity Secretary,

Lagos ACN.

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