Reacting to the allegation by a group that the Congress for Progress Change {CPC} lost the presidential election in the South East, fair and square, Mr Osita Okechukwu governorship candidate of CPC Enugu State said, ‘Forensic Test anchored on Biometric Technology, will expose the jumbo allocation of votes to the Peoples Democratic Party {PDP} in the South East and South South; characterized by monumental ballot stuffing. 

We are assembling our evidence and will expose to the world the Hitech-Rigging which polluted the presidential election. We are not crying wolf, where there is none. We are not bad losers.’

On the assertion  that intra-party crisis rocked the CPC’s electoral fortune in the South East, Mr Okechukwu said, ‘no major political party is free from intra-party crisis, I do not think that CPC’s fractionalization is worse than that of the PDP? I stand to be corrected, so no hatchet or settled group should use intra-party crisis as an excuse. Let them go in peace with their loot; but they cannot stop us from presenting our evidence in the Presidential Tribunal.’

Going further Okechukwu said, ‘ We maintain that the low turnout at the presidential election, especially in the South East, hovered between 30% and 35% and therefore the result posted is untenable and outrageous’.
‘No electorate throughout history rewards a political party which failed to provide common infrastructure like electricity; it will be inconceivable that Nigerian electorate rewarded PDP for decade stretch of failed promises’.

On Forensic Test and Biometric Technology we depend to prove our case; not on propaganda.
Osita Okechukwu
CPC Governorship Candidate
Enugu State.



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