The Isoko South constituency 11 House of Assembly candidate of Labour Party (LP), Chief Iduh Amadhe and his Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) candidate, Apostle Ewomazino Inifoghaleme and Hon. Mike Okah of the Democratic Peoples Party (DPP) have out rightly rejected the Aviara ward 3 results and called for the cancellation of the election.

Rejecting the result in a press conference in Oleh, headquarters of Isoko South local government area of Delta state, the three candidates alleged that the election was marred with rigging as well as hijacking of electoral materials.
The three candidates disclosed that during the collation of results at the Aviara Town hall where about seven units’ results have been collated already, the state secretary of PDP Chief Solomon Ogba stormed the venue with suspected fake security men and thugs and carted away with all the materials to an unknown destination but only to resurfaced after several hours at the INEC office, Oleh. “The electoral materials were hijacked by the state secretary of PDP, Chief Solomon Ogba to private homes where the figures were changed.”
In a protest letter titled “HIJACKING OF ELECTORAL MATERIALS AT AVIARA WARD 03 ISOKO SOUTH CONSTITUENCY 11” signed by Mr. Okorethe Gospower and Egbulu David addressed to the Isoko South council Electoral Officer (EO), dated April, 26th, 2011, copied DPO, Oleh, SSS, Oleh, JTF, Oleh, SIB, Oleh, REC, Asaba, HOD, Legal, INEC, Asaba and HOD, Information, INEC, Asaba noted that “We write to report the hijacking of Electoral materials in Aviara by Chief Solomon Ogba, the state secretary of the PDP. Chief Solomon Ogba stormed Aviara collating centre at Aviara Town hall with thugs and security men, hijacked all the materials along with the INEC officials to unknown destination. All these criminal acts we are aware are just for his brother Johnson Erijo to win the state house of Assembly election at all cost.”
According to the petition, it was clear and obvious that no result from Aviara for this election can be allowed to stand. “Consequently, we request the election for the state House of Assembly from Aviara ward be counted haven been greatly compromised to the knowledge of the Aviara electorates, members of the Press and election monitors.
We trust that you will act promptly to address the situation by ordering a rereun of the election.”
Meanwhile for disbursing money to electorates at polling unit when election was in progress, a PDP stalwart, Chief Joel Urhobo was arrested at Enwhe in Isoko South constituency 11.
Chief Urhobo who was seated confidently at the polling unit disbursing N500 each to electorates to vote for his party was caught in the act in a tip off and was arrested and hand cuffed by security men.
However all effort to whisked Chief Urhobo away by the security operatives was aggressively resisted by thugs loyal to a particular party.
It was also observed that at Enwhe several under-aged were seen queued and voting.  

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