Wonders will never end. Professor Jega is losing credibility! What is “Supplementary Election”? One may not after all wonder why this is happening in Nigeria where anything goes.

For instance in Akwa Ibom State, the sitting governor was allowed to rig to the consternation of the voters; he was supported by the INEC, the Police/Army that shot their way while people were asleep early morning of April 27. In the process an eye witness alleged that the group forcibly collected the genuine balloted results and substituted those with ready-made ones. And we called that election? Both local and foreign observers noted this fact.

Mr. Ikedi Ohahim promised Jonathan that he would deliver 90% of Imo votes. He later, in the media, boasted he overshot his 90% promise because he actually secured 98.7% (in figures about 1,385,357) to Jonathan’s credit because as he (Ohakim) claimed “Imo people are with me” yet Ohakim was not able to garner more than 268,927 for himself during the governorship election. His opponent, APGA’s Rochas Okorocha, garnered 281,297. When their two figures plus other paltry ones earned by rest contestants and including the total number of registered voters in the areas where the so-called supplementary election is being arranged, you will not get any figure nearer 700,000 total votes cast. How then did Ohakim get 1,385,357 given to Jonathan? This is a clear indication that there were manipulations of figures using the registered voters as indices becomes headroom for crooked figures in favour of rigging. This was the avenue INEC provided to those shameless riggers.

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