Nigerian customs officials impounded 300 T-shirts intended for a youth soccer playoff when former soccer champion Musa Kadiri refused to "settle up" for the so-called "contraband" shirts.

Kadiri, who runs a not-for-profit soccer training program for youth in the U.S., told SaharaReporters he was on his way to Benin when he was held up at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in Lagos over the shirts.

Musa, a former soccer player in the Under-23 youth World Cup in 1989 that went to Saudi Arabia had been traveling on Arik airline when he got stopped by the customs officers in MMIA.

Not infrequently, travelers to Nigeria report shake-downs by uniformed officers. Nevertheless, Mr. Kadiri said he was shocked by the actions of the officers when he was on-route to Benin to help organize a semi-final and final tournament on May 21 for youth in Edo state who would be playing in remembrance of fallen soccer stars.

The shirts were imprinted on the back with the names of sponsors including this website.

 Youtube video of Musa's YoungRock Academy

 Musa Kadiri

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