The organizations behind the What About Us? debate were in no way involved in planning "The Youth Lunch with Mr President" event as noted in the SaharaReporter's article published on May 25th, 2011.

 While we greatly encourage and welcome the President's interest in engaging the youth in a sincere and open political dialogue, we firmly believe that meetings of this nature should be conducted in a manner that is above suspicion or speculation of any kind, and reimbursement for transportation and other expenses should be handled with the utmost transparency.

What About Us? was created as a platform to give a voice to the Nigerian Youth through the presidential debate. We envisioned that we could accomplish great things by working together on a clearly defined project with integrity, accountability and transparency as our common thread. We accomplished our objective and hosted Nigeria's first youth-focused presidential debate.

Some individuals from What About Us? were invited to the Lunch, and accepted the invitation, to interact with the newly re-elected President. We also recognize that certain individuals who worked on the debate were involved in the planning of the luncheon but it must be acknowledged that they acted as individuals not on behalf of What About Us?

WAU and all its partner organizations remain committed to a non-partisan effort in keeping the government on its toes, and being a voice for young people in the political space.

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