Our attention has been drawn to the above report by SaharaReporters report of a group of Ibori Supporters purported sponsored by the Delta State Govt.

While we do not deny our rabid support for the release of Chief James Ibori as we see his ordeal as political victimisation and that he has paid two much for his action and inaction, We wish to state clearly that the Delta state Govt did NOT sponsor ANYONE not to talk of 50 supporters. The report is false and malicious and a calculated attempt to bring to ridicule n public opprobrium the character and credit of D Coalition of Ibori Supporters drawn from the business, academia, professionals.

SaharaReporters predilection for reading motive in peoples altruistic aim and labeling them with ill motive is to say the least diminishes the ethic of Journalism and its social contract.  Ours is a fresh perspective to the Ibori saga believing that Chief Ibori has suffered enough and Justice should be tampered with mercy. While we cannot deny Saharareporters inalienable right n duty to report events such right can n should be given vent through the time tested maxim; Truth is constant, We were not sponsored by Delta state Govt to London to empathise with our Leader and Brother, James Ibori in his time of need, we hope our rejoinder will be given same prominence as the main story. Warm regards
- Jaro Egbo

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