A Swiss High Court has ordered the retrial of Abba Abacha, son of former ex-dictator Sani Abacha. On Tuesday, the Swiss Federal Tribunal threw out an appeal by the Geneva public prosecutor against a retrial after he failed to show up in court last May because his visa application to the country had been denied. According to the BBC, the Court stated that Abacha’s rights had been violated and there were procedural irregularities in the case.

Abacha, 41, is accused of plundering stolen funds his father looted from the Nigerian federal treasury during his rule. Even after his death the family is accused of stashing the looted funds (an estimated $350 million) in secret accounts in Luxemburg and Barbados.

The court also annulled a 2010 suspended sentence in which Abacha’s personal assets were confiscated forcing a new trial to commence.

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