SaharaTV will be broadcasting LIVE October 22nd via livestream. This week’s discussion is on the future of the people of Libya.

Emira Wood, co-director of Foreign Policy at the Institute for Policy Studies, will be joining us LIVE via skype to help us understand what this means for Libya now.

Then we will allow you – our viewers - to call in through Skype and provide your opinions on this whole dramatic Libya episode.

Then we go to Ivory Coast, a country that is still shaking from Laurent Gbagbo resist to step down from his presidency earlier this year

Native Ivorian Gnaka Lagoke, political analyst and CEO of will skype in from Washington DC to update us on instability in the Ivory Coast.

We also have controversial author Kola Boof, who will finally make an appearance on our show today. She will be calling in via Skype from her location in California.
She will be discussing Racism, Sexism, and Colorism in the Black Community.

We have that and many more……… Tune in and don’t miss out

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