I have never believed that the party of Abraham Lincoln could ever sink this low in their paranoia and phobia to get rid of the first black President.

Even though I have by choice become an independent-leaning democrat, I see myself as one voice in the wilderness who passionately believes that the ascendancy of two major political parties in America has been more of an asset to the country than a liability. The GOP in her desperation to beat Obama in 2012 have found themselves in a nightmare by trying to push the ideal of a one party dictatorship in America just like most of the third world countries, Nigeria being the chief culprit. By so doing the Republicans I regret, but happy to say, are helping Obama find his voice and swagger which would carry him to victory as the great champion and defender of the middle class, the poor and the underprivileged in America.

In the meantime, Republicans are being seen as the greatest defender of the richest 1% in America while they could care less about the inequities the remaining 99% have to endure. They are pushing a senseless radical agenda they cannot back away from as America enters into the big league phase of a general election in 2012. It is absolutely bizarre and absurd that the GOP has put herself in a box as we speak. They seem to have forgotten that American voters are among the most sophisticated in the world and that Democracy is first and foremost a game of numbers. If the poor, the middle class, the youths and the elderly in the American society or the great majority of them decide to side with Obama and the Democrats when the rubber meets the road in 2012, the GOP is a goner. It is a prediction. I would remind you I told you so the day after the election.
This prediction is called for because you have in both parties not only individuals that are too far to the right or left of the great divide but moderates and independent thinkers who nearly always make sure that the best interest of the nation is sustained once they get behind the iron curtains of the polling booth to pull the lever for a candidate who they believe can best do that. It seems clear now that the radicals and the tea party ideologues and Blithers now seem to be having the upper hand in the GOP thereby driving the GOP too far to the right.

They all forget that many of the Republicans who have been lucky to be elected Presidents in this country have done so as reasonable and rational individuals who know it serves America better for the two major parties to work together and show some reasonable accommodation like Obama has clearly done in his first 2 years in office. The Republicans have now forced Obama to go it alone because he does not believe the country should be held to ransom. Republicans all seem to forget the immortal and ageless advice of President Kennedy when he said that “those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable”  The “Take the Wall Street” movement spreading all over the country like a bush fire in the harmattan is a clear validation of that statement.

Republicans also totally misunderstand or misinterpret the refrain of Richard Nixon that you run to the right in the primary season but quickly run back to reclaim the center once the primary season is over and done with. Part of the reason Richard Nixon was nick-named “Tricky Dickie” and why he became the first American to resign the presidency following Watergate scandal was the fact that the nation no longer trusted him. They all saw him as a crook and he himself acknowledged that when he told the nation, “I am not a crook”. But the plain truth is that Richard Nixon never recovered from that stigma even till now.

The Republicans are on their way to permanently ingratiating themselves in a totally negative sense with the American voters in 2012 because they are not going to be allowed to play a Richard Nixon on the voters in this computer and television age where anything a politician has ever said or done could come back to haunt him or her in a big way because the statute of limitation on anything no longer exists. The prospect of a Newt Gingrich presidency has the potential to bring back again the horrors of the Nixon White House. Newt may well be Richard Nixon on steroid, if you get my point.

Compromise, which the Republicans love to hate is not as bad as the radical elements the GOP are making it. It is the central glue that has bound this nation together for close to 250 years and it is what has differentiated the American experiment in democratic government from her counterparts elsewhere around the world but more so in  third world countries.  Barack Obama who is now being labeled as an appeasement mogul by Mr. Weather Cock, Mitt Romney of all people fully understands all of that and would effectively use it to finish off the Republicans. Theodore Roosevelt understood it, and so did Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, three of the best Republican Presidents to ever lead America. If you accept this logic that is why the Republicans are going nowhere but down in 2012 if you get my point.

If Obama keeps doing what he is doing and if the Republican continues their crusade to political oblivion in 2012, there is no way in the world they are going to win, and you can count on another 12 years of the Democrats in the White House. Its Like what happened when Ronald Reagan held the key to the White House for 8 years and he did enough to guarantee another 4 years for George Bush Sr.

That is the beauty of American Politics that I hope Nigeria should emulate. No political party however wise has a monopoly of wisdom, and none of them are considered too big to fail like the PDP in Nigeria.

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