Pro-gasoline subsidy rallies across Nigeria continue to gain momentum with protesters in Kano staging an overnight rally in at the Silver Jubilee round about renaming it "Subsidy Square".

Attempting to re-enact the mass demonstrations that took place in Egypt’s Tahrir Square during the 2011 Arab Spring movement, protesters in Kano are also referring to the Silver Jubilee roundabout as “Tahrir Square Kano.”

The social media networks are abuzz with users posting updates and photos from Kano and calling for food and water donations to be sent to the protestors.

“Our very own Tahrir Square right in the middle of Kano State, Silver jubilee round about!”, tweets @dawisu

The protests strengthen despite appeals from Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso for citizens of Kano State to terminate anti-fuel subsidy removal rallies.

Hundreds of young people lined the streets, calling for the resignation of President Goodluck Jonathan.
 Local resident are making donations and three local businesses sent generators to power the speakers at the square.

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