Following inquiries of many Nigerians and a lot of rumours on the Internet, SaharaReporters confirms that President Goodluck Jonathan did not travel to South Africa for the 100th anniversary of the ANC.

Responding to the situation at home, he has remained in Nigeria cancelling his trip to the ANC centenary.

In his speech to the country on Saturday night, he vowed to undertake “immediate cuts” in foreign trips to "the barest minimum."

Meanwhile his party and government are heavily represented in South Africa. He did not stop his team from going, nor did he limit the size of the delegation, unless half of the entire People’s Democratic Party was scheduled to have travelled with him in the first place.

Following a lavish demonstration of weight at the ANC dinner on Saturday night, his delegation then swamped Bloemfontein, an entourage “so large,” wrote one Nigerian in South Africa, “you would think it was a PDP political rally.”

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