The coalition of concern Nigerians in Ghana on Wednesday occupied the country’s High Commission in Accra, calling for the immediate resignation of President Goodluck Jonathan.

The group condemned the killing of more than 15 Nigerian protesters since the beginning of the protests against the removal of petroleum subsidy, blaming the president for the killing of innocent citizens protesting for their better future.

“This government is murderous; President Jonathan may end up like Mohammed Ghaddafi if he continues to kill the people who elected him,” said Omolara Balogun, a policy advocate officer for West Africa Civil Society Institute.

Michael Ajayi, a coordinator of "Occupy Nigeria" campaign in Ghana read the declaration of the rally, saying there is a need for an urgent conference to discuss the Nigeria project. “Nigeria needs immediate convocation of a Sovereign National Conference to renegotiate our existence as a nation,” said the communique signed by all participants at the rally.

Dele Momodu, the publisher of Ovation Magazine spoke at the rally saying,  “the government of President Jonathan should remove corruption not fuel subsidy.” He lamented the president of Nigeria has budgeted 1 billion naira for his kitchen just for 2012, wanted new presidential aircraft for himself while Nigerians cannot afford bicycles, has removed the small support that the common masses enjoy. “The people will continue to occupy the streets around the globe until his government collapse,” he added.

“This is the long awaited Nigerian spring; we have to reclaim Nigeria now,” said Oludare Ogunlana, a former NANS president and one of the coordinators of the Wednesday assembly in Ghana. “We may not have this type opportunity again and we must not back up until we see the end of the cabals.”

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