(AGI) Abuja - Nigeria's police reports that in 2011 the fundamentalist Islamic group Boko Haram launched 118 terror attacks killing 308 people in six states in north-central Nigeria, plus the federal capital of Abuja. From the time Boko Haram began its attacks against the Nigerian government in 2009 to January 2012, the group has killed at least 1,200 people, according to numbers from the Nigerian army, which for all practical purposes has been given the task of reestablishing law and order in the country's north. Police Minister, Caleb Olubolade, has also confirmed that, in 2011, 33 terrorists were arrested and raised the alarm about the low number of men at his disposal. There are 370,000 Nigerian police officer, but the ministry would "650,000 in a nation of 160 million people, which is also particularly complex to manage." As far as the other national emergency, kidnapping, the police has explained that there were 366 in 2011, of which 140 ended with the victim's release, which was not the case for Franco Lamolinara, the Italian engineer who was killed in a rescue attempt on March 8 after being held for ten months. A Briton, Chris McManus was also killed. A barracks has been opened in the northern state of Kaduna to train 500 soldiers in anti-terror tactics. The program will consist of "psycho-physical training, courses in mental agility, street patrolling, combat in closed spaces, bodyguard skills, air and bus rescue, attacks against terrorist hiding places or training camps." The director of the course, General Tijjani Golau, said, "The time has come to prepare ourselves. The current security situation in the country faces us with a challenge we have never seen in the past." . .

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