If an American president gets into the white house with black hair, he would leave there with grey hair – Reasons, because he has many crucial decisions to make, and he uses his head and brain to govern. But on the other hand, if a Nigerian president gets into Aso Rock with grey hair, he would come out withblack hair

– Reasons, because they go there to embezzle, they don’t use their head and brain to think, they use their pocket to think and they cannot make a crucial decision that would benefits their country or the masses other than what will benefits their cabal.
An American president will never run away from a debate with his opponents – Reason, because he is well prepared and if heruns away, he stands the chance of losing the election. But the Nigerian President will never debate his opponents – Reason, because he is not prepared to be the president and he does not have anything to offer in the first place, he was imposed on the masses by the cabal to protect their interest and no matter what he will never lose the election courtesy of the rigging machineries of the cabal that wants him there.
American president is presidential and looks smart and fit – Reasons, because he is presiding over a healthy nation, with well-informed citizens and understands the meaning of exercising. But Nigerian president is un-presidential and he looks like a comedian – Reasons, because he is presiding over an unhealthy nation full of uniformed people that are ready to mortgage their future and that of their grandchildren and does not look serious because there is nothing to be serious about in government, exercising uhn uhn.
American president is nationalistic in his conducts – Reason, if he does not, he risk impeachment because the citizens are well informed. But Nigerian president is tribalistic in his conducts – Reason, if he is not, he would not be protected by his tribe if he is found wanting.
American president know what he wants, and take the right political decisions – Reason, he has to take such decision to survive politically. But Nigerian president is confused and take the right cabal protection decisions even if all the PDP family are involved in subsidy scam – Reason, he has to survive politically.
American president knows and understand their constitution – Reason, he does not want the opposition and citizens to see him as constitutionally illiterate. But Nigerian president does not understand their constitution, and whether or not the citizens and opposition realises that, it has no political implication, even if the government contractor gives him a church donation, it has no political effect it would be a Corporate Social Responsibility or a mere gift.
American president will always declare their income and worth every year through his income tax – Reason, because he wants to be viewed as the same with the masses who incidentally are the voters. But Nigerian president will never declare his asset – Reason, because he is sure he would be multiple times richer than as he went into the presidency, and the wealth would definitely be unjustifiable.
American President will politically align with the masses in his decisions – Reason, he knows it is the masses that could give him power or take it from him. But Nigerian president will politically align with the Cabal – Reason, because it is the Cabal that would guaranty him the second term in office and take it away from him if he is seen to have contrary decisions to theirs, hence his decisions will always favor them rather than the masses.
American president is the head of the executive – Reason, he knows what he is doing, and he is the ultimate decision maker of the executive. But Nigerian president is a member of the executive – Reason, because the minister of finance helps him in making crucial decisions and allows him to pronounce such decisions. Isn’t our president a humble man?
American president is from Hawai, and he contested as a president from Illinois – Reason, Americans see themselves first as Americans before their states or religion. But Nigerian president is from Bayelsa State, he contested as a president from Bayelsa State – Reason, Nigerians see themselves first from their region in most cases, and religion in other cases.
Finally, American President is Barack Obama – Reason, because he is Barack Obama that believes in hardworking notgood luck. But Nigerian President is Goodluck Ebele Jonathan – Reason, because he is Goodluck Ebele Jonathan that believes in good luck not hard work.
From the above, it is obvious that America and Americans are opposite of Nigeria and Nigerians. And Obama is the opposite of Jonathan. May God help our country, we the citizens and ourrighteous leaders, amen.


Richard Xman

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