My crystal ball tells me that ex-president Buhari will contest the 2015 presidential election. The biggest puzzle for now is. Who would be his running mate? Would Mr Buhari’s choose Bola Tinubu the onetime governor of Lagos? Or, would Buhari still field his former running mate Pastor Tunde Bakare?


President Jonathan and PDP would be working tooth and claw. Fasting and praying. Making sure ex-president Buhari commits the blunder of nominating Bola Tinubu as his running mate for 2015 presidential election.


The onetime US president George Bush Jr. had done likewise in 2000 US presidential election. Mr Bush had prayed and hoped to have an “undisciplined” Howard Dean as challenger. Mr Dean was the former Democratic Party front-runner.


President Bush had described Mr Howard Dean the erstwhile governor of Vermont uncomplimentary like this - he: “... was loud, shrill and undisciplined.” I refer you to page 287 line 21 of Mr Bush’s book titled ‘Decision Points.’


The reason President George had wanted to have the former Democratic frontrunner was because he thought he was unmarketable to the people of USA during the 2000 presidential election. Plus, he opined he was a bad market for his Democratic Party as well. With such an opponent Mr Bush had calculated to beat him flat-out and hands down with cakewalk.


Immediately George Bush figured out that Mr Howard Dean was a fall man he could walk over on Election Day – the former president started working tireless for Howard Dean to be nominated by the Democrats. But reverse was the case. Wherefore John Kerry emerged as President Bush contender.


It is the tradition all over the world. Every candidate or political party who is going for election is looking out to have an opponent with questionable behaviours. Rivals with dirty characters are well sought after. In that.  You could beat them with baby-ease in any election before the cock crows.


It is on this ground that Mr Jonathan and PDP would be hustling day and night to make sure Mr Buhari picks Tinubu as his running mate for 2015 presidential election. Everyone is aware that the Lagos rascal is full of corruption and crap. The fisherman from Bayelsa knows as well that the Lagos rascal has more ills on his private account.  That is. The ex-governor from Lagos is a backstabber and a cheap betrayal.  For the avoidance of doubt, go and ask the erstwhile EFCC torchbearer Mr Ribadu. He will tell you how Bola Tinubu and the ACN brought him up and down during 2015 presidential election. Mr Tinubu had quickly turned Mr Ribadu’s boyish smile into a frown in the last minute of 2011 election.


The PDP knows that anything with Tinubu’s name would not fly Nigeria-wide in 2015. Mr Tinubu is no more than a local champion restricted to South West popularity alone. Mr Buhari would be robbing upon himself and sharing in Mr Tinubu’s curse if he goes with him in 2015.


For your information! We are hearing and reading from the grapevine. That ex-president Buhari and Bola Tinubu are readying to do a joint ticket in 2015 presidential election. The news reporting the duos 2015 joint ticket dotted the newspapers few weeks ago.


The question now agitating the minds of every concerned citizen is. Hail Mary! What is it that Buhari and Tinubu have in common that both would be on a joint ticket as president and vice-president respectively in 2015? Sanity and conventional wisdom dictates that. Before any duo agree to duet as running mate on the same platform in any election or contest. Both of them have to have plenty positive and socio-centric things in common going on for them.


To cut a long story short. President Bush’s example should be telling indication to President Buhari. With the caveat that such as Mr Tinubu who has a drag on him are unsalable to the Nigeria electorates. I more so would like to tell other opposition parties to steer off Tinubu however. As we move on closer by each day to 2015 election. The ‘Lagos rascal’ is up to no good. He has a thing with corruption and misdoing which is deeper than the ocean.


My only prayer is that Mr Buhari would not wake up one day. And proclaim that God mandated him in a dream to run with Tinubu in 2015.  The former president had once left us his fans disappointedly ice cold when. Out of nowhere, he told the world he divinely had left President Jonathan to God for cheating and rigging him out of 2015 election.  He had begged God to take revenge on President Jonathan just like that. We had hoped for and expected Buhari to go full hog slugging it out with Jonathan man-to-man in court. What has God got to do with rigged election? If not that man would take his destiny into his own hand.


If God would tell Mr Buhari to choose a running mate, let it be Pastor Tunde Bakare again. A combination of Mr Buhari and Pastor Tunde Bakare during last election drove Jonathan and PDP into panic attack. They are yet to recover from that shock and awe. There is nothing that scares the PDP more than the gathering of decently incorruptible people. And each time credible people are standing election against PDP operatives, they get heart attack. Now that president Buhari has said he is likely to contest 2015, the PDP would need a bypass to mend their broken hearts. Don Williams might be right after all that “some broken hearts never mend.” Mr Buhari should be upping the stake for 2015. So that PDP continue to have heart attack. 


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