Plateau State indigenes, under the umbrella of Patriots of Plateau, have blasted late General Sani Abacha’s main man, Lt. Gen. Jeremiah Useni, over his comments on recent killings in the state.
In interviews with Daily Trust and BBC Hausa service last week, Retired General Useni alleged that the current Plateau State governor, Jonah David Jang, is the real problem in the State.

In a reply issued by its spokesman, Danjuma Gogu, Patriots of Plateau dismissed the attitude of the former Number 2 man in the Abacha regime, describing it as “opportunistic ignorance in public glare.”

Said the Patriots: “We strongly believe that General Jeremiah Useni lacks the moral stand to talk about Plateau State since no single noteworthy contribution can be ascribed to him today, despite his larger than life posture and even his romance with the late disgraced dictator General Sani Abacha.  Even in retirement, Useni’s allegiance and loyalty is not in doubt, as he currently is the BOT Chairman of the DPP and Chairman of the Arewa Consultative Forum, both alien and antithetical to the aspirations of the Plateau people. We are therefore not surprised that such uncouth comments would come from a man who ordinarily should be in the forefront in defense of his state and its hapless people. But to keep his bootlicking positions, he has to justify why his paymaster should continue to support him.”

They said that General Useni, as a retired military officer, ought to know that even the worst of leaders do not sacrifice the lives of their subjects for personal gain. They said it was curious that in spite of all that the Federal Government and well-meaning Nigerians are doing to surmount the security challenges in Plateau, Gen Useni and a few others like him are capitalizing on the death of innocent and hapless Plateau people to cast aspersions on the Governor.

Accusing Useni of ignorance about the nature of the violence in the State, as it has been confirmed that the attackers are not Plateau State indigenes, they challenged him to show up in Jos and make his comments so that he would know “how hurt” the people of Plateau feel.

“We have repeatedly said that those who are afraid that Governor Jonah Jang has raised the bar of performance thereby making them unelectable should resign of fate and join hands with progressive minded Plateau people to bring development to the State,” the statement said.

They regretted that at this time that security has become a serious national issue as evidenced by the easy manner the House of Representative passed a resolution calling the President Goodluck Jonathan to empower Governor Jang to fight terrorism, General Useni has chosen to trivialize the issue and reduce it to his personal anger on an individual.

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