PHOTONEWS: The Second Save Nigeria Group Public Lecture In Lagos

The discuss ignited by Professor Niyi Osundare at the first edition of the "State of the Nation" lectures organized by the Save Nigeria Group few months ago saw popular literary scholar, satirical writer,  columnist, Pius Adesanmi not only sustaining the spirit, but raising the bar higher at the second edition of the lectures in Lagos today.

"Reparation: What Nigeria Owes The Tortoise", was  delivered to the  excitement of the Lagos audience as Prof. Adesanmi aptly unwrapped the talk before finally revealing the substance.

Weaving  African fables of the tortoise part-by-part with lines of songs,  Adesanmi astutely reveals that corruption, a product of self-centeredness, was not unique to Nigerian rulers but that Nigerian rulers 'plagiarized' the mental attribute of the sly tortoise in those fables, making them indebted to the tortoise for reparations for the theft of his skills, which further plunders the resources of the Nigerian nation.


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