Fiery Nigerian based Islamic cleric and scholar, Sheik Ahmad Mahmud Gumi has again defended his position condemning deployment of troops to Mali claiming that troop deployment by ECOWAS and the French government have several hidden undertones.

Gumi in a new message, supporting a similar message released yetsteday, stated:

  “Brothers and Sisters, fellow Nigerians, No human has the monopoly of sentiments or emotional outburst, therefore whoever abuses me for not understanding me I have forgiven it. I hold no qualms against anybody. My only concern is over the Evil people that kill innocent people for prejudice, malice, religious sentiments and share malevolence.

“In these categories of people are Maj. Nzeogwu & co who assassinated the premier Sardauna the main target of the 1966 coup. Others argue that some Christians also were killed, yes, but they were also killed by Christians too. The common denominator is that all these murderers that kill innocent people are Christians. What I am saying is that among the Christian are evil people that kill people. These evil killers can also be imbedded in our security apparatus. In fact they are more dangerous that the true boko haram who are mainly peasants, poor and untactful. However these are highly trained individuals that can manipulate, strategize, camouflage and coordinate their terror in such a way that they cannot be recognized. They are also the Dimkas and most recently the Azazis and many more still active in service.

“So today if there is any terror attack, depending on the magnitude, the coordination and sophistication in its execution and target selection, you can see the finger print of these agents of evil.
The draconian military occupation of the Muslim northern regions is a clear sign of such a plan. The Mali intervention is also not far from the plan. Why sending troops to Mali when our borders are porous? Spending millions that could benefit educational, heath and agricultural sectors that are starving. Youth unemployment that is declared by an ex-president as very volatile. We negotiated peace between the warring Sudanese factions until they decided to divide in a plebiscite, why not also in Mali? Is it not ‘what is good for the goose is also good for the gander’?.

“Nigerian involvement is Mali against the northern tawarik , is taking sides based on foreign colonial interest, and the hate of Islamists forming a government in the region. The difference between Islamist and Terrorist is that the former are fighters that are seeking independence and the rule of Islamic law through legal and accepted norms. Part of it breaking away from a country which there is anarchy or dictatorship. The army took power in Mali, and a section of the country wanted to break way. They usually bring religion for two reasons, one to mobilize fighters since a mujahid fights fearlessly, and secondly attract the sympathy of other Muslims. While terrorist, kill anybody Muslim or non-Muslim that does not concur to their ideology. Such ‘Islamic terrorism’ is condemned in unequivocal terms in the hadith of the prophet – alaihis Salam- and the Muslim leaders and scholars were the first victims of their evil.

“It is known fact that Christians in Nigeria are anti-Islam in everything even if it is beneficial to all. That explains the clamor against OIC membership at a time when we have representatives in the Vatican. That was where the clamor against Sharia law which has nothing to do with Christians. The Sharia checks crimes effectively yet, the Christians clergy prefer a state of lewdness, robbery, adultery, alcoholism than otherwise if such crimes can only be stopped by Islam. The prefer a harlot than a woman wearing hijab or niqab.

“If therefore, the Christian leadership of Nigeria is plunging us into Mali for this same reason of hatred and prejudice against Islamist, this is the warning they should heed to, because Islam is unconquerable. But if they want peace to reign then we should not take sides but be peace negotiators.
Imagine, Nigerian troops killing touareg in their own country, what moral ground do we have when later they influx into our country and cause havoc? May Allah guide us all and protect us from all evil.”

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