The first lady confession for the first time on her controversial medical trip last year kept Nigerians in darkness on the whole mater, one begins to wonders if at all the confession is true;  Assuming  the story was to be true. Then the credibility of Mr Presidents will be questionable because no government official told Nigerians about the one week coma of the first lady.

Interestingly, Dame Patience was very honest to Nigerians about the whole situations, and she has proven to people that the criticism and alleged reports that circulated about her medical trip to Germany may not be completely false. Even though when she came back from her trip abroad, we were told that she didn’t go there for medical trip, but now we know that the story was entirely different.

As it is, what was not clear is that, when the first lady passed out in coma for seven days after her intestines and tummy were opened, who kept this very information in darkness for Nigerians?  Was it the president or his spokes person that had forgotten to address the media about the issue? How sure are we that, the first lady had nine surgeries in one month when we were not told she was sick? Who is this person that still alleged that President Jonathan knew something about his spouse’s treatment in a German Hospital?

Enough of this controversial arguments and allegations how can the first lady confess a contradictory statement, while her Husband had already told Nigerians the political truth. As it was in the case of Stella Obansanjo, nobody knew about the cause of her death till date because all the history of her medical trip was kept in secret. The same thing on the Governor Chime’s case, he kept Nigerians in darkness over his ill health when he went and stayed in Hospital abroad for a long time only to come back and tell the media that, he was diagnosed with nose cancer and was cured.

The most painful one was that of Governor Suntai  of Taraba State that kept almost everybody not only in darkness but went further to mislead Nigerians on the true history of his medical situations when he crashed in a plane on 25th October, 2012. Some prominent people like Governor Jonah Jang who visited him in the hospital snapped a picture with him and portrayed him as if the situation is not serious and will soon return, while on the other hand, Alhaji Garba Umar was given the mandate to take the leading role as the Acting Governor of Taraba state on the 14th November, 2012. He went to the hospital and narrated that, Suntai had brain damage and could not even recognized him.   

Yet within the currents situations, His family members still throw people to controversial arguments instead of telling us the truth. Now that Taraba’s Acting Governor celebrates 100 days in office confirms Suntai’s incapacitation and disprove the claims of the family. Who is the biggest liar in the particular case of the First lady’s confession and the claims of Presidency about her trip?

However, the questions that agitated my mind when I read about the confessions is that,  for how long would our leaders continue to twist Nigerians on every issue, who told these leaders that hiding their medical condition will prolong their lives? If these leaders did not stop deceiving themselves of going to foreign countries to hide their sickness, the sickness would one day hide them completely; For God’s sake what is wrong with telling the people that gave you the mandate a true report about a medical trip. Who knows if the truth is told God will listen to the prayers of the masses and intervene.

If this issue were to be treated in the United States, The biggest liar could face court charges for misleading the nation for swearing under oath. But reverse is the constitution in Nigeria, No matter how the liar twists the country he still have immunity to lie till his lies give birth to lies. And the most frustrating is the so called National Assemblies, Lawyers  and EFCC that were hunting and probbing little liars while the biggest liars are busy coordinating different sections of their lies.  

Timothy wrote from Koghum Village in  Gwoza, Borno State  
[email protected]


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