Is Aero Cpntractors going the Air Nigeria way? Staff of Aero has been sacked due to "DISLOYALTY". Whilst we are yet to get over the Air Nigeria saga as Staff of Air Nigeria were sacked due to Disloyalty thus throwing more than 800 workers into the labour market and are yet to find thier feet. Jostling
for job from one start up airline to another. Now Aero throwing more than 400 workers in the the labour market because they cried foul for poor
salary and welfare packeges but were charged by the management for DISLOYALTY.

Sharp practices and short cuts by the airline operators nko? Who is in charge of making sure that airline workers are not marginalized or
shortchanged?Who says airline workers welfare is not a SAFETY issue?

Now Dana air's licence has been suspended as well,thier fate hanging on the balance at the time of filling this report.

Commissioning of airports are going on across the country, thanks to the Minister of Aviation Princess Stella Oduah and FAAN headed by Mr George
Uriesi for etching thier names in the sands of time but it goes beyond fancy buildings. What will become of Fancy airports whose facilities
cannot be enjoyed by the traffic of air travellers.How would these fancy building(that will delapidate due to our poor maintenance culture) be
optimally utilised if there not enough airlines. My point being that we are paying attention to remodelling of airports while airlines are
shutting down and workers are sacked, blaming it on DISLOYALTY....the new word trending for airline operators in recent times

The last has not being heard of this as some airlines still owe salaries with weak packages and running a one 'man show'. The day thier workers
decide to wake up and fight for thier rights, then they shall be charged for DISLOYALTY.

Jimoh Ibrahim is still going around with salaries owed Air Nigera staff up to Four months,pension,corporative deductions of about 54million naira
and 34B intervention fund in his pocket yet AMCON,CBN, AND LEGISLATORS are turning the other way. Who will bail the cat?
 The D.G of N.C.A.A Dr Harold Demuren has been sacked by Oga at the top, I hope this will change things as I also have confidence in who has been
nominated,Capt Fola Akinkuotu.

Our airports are so porous with officials begging air travellers for tips thus compromising thier jobs and just recently armed robbers invaded the
murtala mohammed international secure are our airports?

'Na God go save' Nigeria Aviation industry.... to be continued

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