It is an important teaching in Christianity that God is not mocked; whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. We cannot escape the consequence of our actions; everything that we do as participants in this interconnecting community has repercussions and one way or another it comes back to us. Much like this principle and the law of Karma, in nearly every religion and culture there is a fervent belief that the total result of a person's deeds and actions during the successive phases of the person's existence determines the feedback fate issues that person within their life time or in the hereafter. It is further taught, ‘if we sow a thought we reap an act, if we sow an act, we reap a habit, if we sow a habit, we reap a character and if we sow a character, we reap a consequence.’

At this point in time, nowhere should this message be reiterated than on our very own doorsteps where few people in the corridors of power are determined to garner us towards a most debauched consequence. Despite the outcry that continues to follow our recent irrational and derisible presidential pardon of criminals and kleptomaniacs, notwithstanding the embarrassment of the exposure of inept government representatives who have to clarify the simplest questions from ‘their oga on the top’, in spite of the plethora of blunders by this administration, reports have been made of secret plans by a select few in the corridors of power who are devising a very dangerous scheme to remain in power by using the tool of terrorism.

Recently, reports were made of an alleged plot to unleash a terror attack in Lagos. The ink had barely dried on that report when it was revealed that nine suspected terrorists were arrested in a building in Lagos which belongs to a state government. Although the state government has dissociated itself from the suspected terrorists arrested in its building, the arrest of the alleged terrorists in that particular building has fueled the conspiracy theory that Boko Haram has become a franchise under which government fifth columnists are operating to further disrupt Nigeria and prompt a national crisis likely to break up the country or force Nigerians to elongate the tenure of this administration come 2015. If these reports are true, despite the brink of disaster from which Nigeria has often come from, then the consequence Nigeria finds itself in is truly pathetic and indeed sad; very sad.

Although our country is situated on top of a smouldering volcano that is ready and rearing to erupt at any given moment, some of these signs point to definite elements within government and around the president that are determined to unscrupulously elongate their inhabitancy of power while damming the consequence of their actions. The more they use their calling to lord over the next cause of action to divert Nigeria away from a future; the more they plot and plan on how to fragment the country using the tool of terrorism, the closer they advance us toward the trigger that might commence the great explosion. While this great explosion may just be the end result they scheme for, do they not care about what will happen to the almost 160 million Nigerians already existing under pressure? No; because they have completely become victims to a world where the intense lust for power and money fully possesses its pray, so much so they no longer bother to camouflage their voracity, guile, and self-serving actions. And to be able to satisfy the worldly desires of a few, Nigeria and her helpless children are again being short-changed by the intrigues of those who swore to protect them. The amount of spin few in the corridors of power are running in order to achieve its alleged aim moves faster than that of a tumble dryer. Anyone who doesn’t comply is chewed out like a discarded piece of bubble gum and anyone who speaks against it is threatened, stalked and victimized like a sub-human entity.

In the past, government officials who tried to double deal this country by either illegally elongating their tenure in power through trickery, misusing their power or milking the coffers for what it is worth have received their comeuppance in the most unfortunate of ways. But despite the numerous failed administrations serving as an example, we are again being besieged from within by tyranny, graft and disloyalty by a select few who carry out secret meetings and come to secret agreements that they earnestly, “Between them and God”, know is not in the best interest of the majority of people of this country.

The power hungry packs who are advocating desecrating the fragment of the liberty we gained in the past are the true enemies of the people of this nation. By turning Nigeria into a business venture and a power podium they have betrayed the dreams of our past and the hopes of our future. By planning to disregard common sense and behaving as if the millions of us who have a stake in this country don’t exist, they create and contribute to the disaster we find ourselves in. By steering our country for purely personal ambitions, members of those few in the corridors of power stand before us guilty as people who acted to disorganise Nigeria. If in the coming months those who are in power succeed in bringing forth anymore anti Constitution presidential pardons, more anti-people and anti-Nigerian policies or terrorism conspiracies to further divide the country,  history forever will judge them reproachfully as those who were willing to pawn the future of their children, grandchildren and great-great grandchildren.

With decades of power mismanagement in this country, one is compelled to wonder whether we are fated thusly. Is the giant of Africa perpetually condemned to an eternity of a greedy gaggle of few government officials who mortgage our nation, disdain the interest of the population and bleed Nigeria dry? This would appear to be our reality.

If those we had previously relied upon to take us to the Promised Land continue to short-change and fail us, then maybe the masses of Nigeria as a collective need to take the requisite action into their own hands. Our hindrance is that we are a nation divided and in denial, we suffer from grave memory loss and are incredibly easy to manipulate. People still look at freedom fighting with suspicion along ethnic and religious lines. Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Gwari, Shekiri, Irogbo, Nupe, Eleme, Birom, Langtang, Auchi, Fulani, Calabari, Tiv, Ogoni, Igbirra, and all the other 234 tribes of Nigeria; our struggles as humans are one and the same and unless we realise and embrace this, then our torture will continue.

We tend to also fantasize that a messiah will emerge and the seas will part open into two in order for Nigeria to be saved. Maybe the solution lies not within the direction of a messiah but within the strength of the masses of a nation that claims one in every five Africans. If we consider the effect of the Ukrainian, Tunisian, Libyan, Egyptian and Georgian peoples past resolve when the insult of their governments became unbearable, we begin to realise the power of a people when they stand together as one. Tyranny begets uprisings, when the government’s tyranny reaches its zenith any more than it has now and the majority population realise they are constantly staring at empty food bowls, empty government coffers, rigged elections, alleged government induced insecurity, wicked governmental intrigue, the situation may spew and the next mass action may really become mass.

For those determined to flog this country off so that you can remain in power or spill the blood of innocent Nigerians in order to split the nation up, lest you forget your actions all have consequences. Make no mistake you cannot get away with the bad choices you make for your nation, because history is recording everything you do. If you sow badly in this season, you will reap worse in another, no matter how long it takes. Even some of the greatest forces in Africa; Idi Amin, Mobutu Seseseko, Haile Salasi, once bred the radiant rule of Monarchs. And for some time their might nurtured their supremacy and reign over their countries but in the end, they faced karma and all three ended up victims of the consequences of their actions. None was even allowed to die in the nation he once commanded.

Therefore, next time the ‘freemasons’ in the government corridors secretly meet to allegedly fuel terrorism and sow the seed of ruin for Nigeria, they should be mindful not to be deceived; “God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap… For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting."
May God expose those who scheme to destroy the future of 160 million people!

Written By Hannatu Musawa
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