Stephen Keshi, the coach of Nigeria’s Super Eagles, has said that he has neither resigned nor has the intention of doing so.

In a statement issued this evening in Nigeria, Emmanuel Ado, Special Assistant to the coach, dismissed some media reports to that effect as the work of persons who “enjoy and profit’” from crisis.

“The intention of these “merchants of lies” is to continue to cause disaffection between me and the [Nigeria Football Federation],” Mr. Keshi said, adding that such people are merely seeking “continued relevance” and to paint the federation and himself in bad light.

He assured President Goodluck Jonathan, the president of the NFF, Alhaji Aminu Maigari, the NFF and football-loving Nigerians that he is staying on his job.
He described Maigari as the father of the team who has been a partner in progress, and expressed appreciation of that support.  

Mr. Keshi stressed that winning the African Cup of Nations is now history.  “The urgent task at hand is to qualify for the 2014 world cup-taking place in Brazil,” he said, calling on all, especially the mass media, to “report facts and to learn to support the team.”

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