President Goodluck Jonathan is preparing to address Nigerians on the lingering security problem facing some states in the northern part of the country.

It is expected that the address will reflect two meetings he has had with security chiefs in the last few days.

The President is under immense pressure to act, especially following the killing of 90 security men in Nasarawa State last weekend, as his government is seen to be increasingly weaker.

As the insecurity widens, Jonathan is known to be considering the declaration of a state of emergency in the States most affected by Boko Haram violence. It is unclear if he has the stomach to tackle the fundamental problems that have left many able-bodied men and women with neither jobs nor prospects while politicians and officials of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party appear to be swimming in affluence.

Only two days ago, forty people were killed in Benue State. Scores of people were also killed in Borno and Yobe States a few days ago as Boko Haram appears to be growing bolder and more powerful. In one attack, the sect laid waste to a local prison and police station, and also attacked a military facility, all in the same day.

Yesterday, in a new video, the sect, which has now added kidnapping to its line of work, promised more attacks. In the waterways of Bayelsa, President Jonathan’s home state, civilians and policemen continue to be killed and robbed by heavily-armed thugs.

And a few days ago, the wife, daughter and driver of a Supreme Court judge were snatched by kidnappers as they drove into Benin City, Edo State.

It would be recalled that in 2011, Mr. Jonathan promised to defeat Boko Haram by June 2012. He has set up a committee to explore the possibility of granting amnesty to the group, but not only has Boko Haram rejected the idea, it has said that on the contrary, it is the government of Jonathan that needs amnesty from the militants.

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