The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has sent relief assistance worth millions of Naira to the victims of a recent attack by unknown gunmen in Kaura Local Government Area (LGA) of Kaduna State to ameliorate their plight.

The supplies, consisting of food items and building materials, were officially presented to the Executive Secretary of the State Emergency Management Agency in Kaduna, Hon. Ishaku Dogo Makama, by the NEMA North West Zonal Coordinator, Alhaji Musa Ilallah.  They will be distributed to residents of Zangang, Tangan, Afan Zangan, Zakum and Tsokong, the five Kaura LGA communities that were affected.  


The Executive Secretary took possession of 150 bags of rice, 100 bags each of maize and millet, 100 bags of cement, 200 bundles of roofing sheets, 50 bags of zinc nails and 50 packets of roofing nails.


In a similar development, NEMA also presented relief items to Kano State’s Hon. Muhammad Sani A. Rano, the member representing Rano, Bunkure and Kibia federal constituency in the House of Representatives, to aid victims of the recent windstorm in Rano and Sumaila.


The relief items included 300 bags of cement, 100 bundles of roofing sheets, 100 bags of roofing/zinc nails, 100 bags each of rice, maize and guinea corn, 10 bags of sugar, 10 jerry cans each of palm and vegetable oil, and 150 pieces each of shadda and wax prints.  Other items were 100 pieces each of mattresses, towels and mosquitoes nets; 200 pieces of mats, 50 cartons of detergents, and 100 pieces each of buckets, plates and spoons. 


Alhaji Ilallah said the relief items will be shared to the two affected localities with the worst hit Rano victims receiving 80 percent while the Sumaila victims will take the other 20 percent.


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