Well-known Islamic preacher Sheik Dr. Ahmad Gumi has said that Nigerian Muslims are dominated and suffering because of iniquities being perpetrated by the Muslims.

In an online Ramadan sermon monitored in our New York office on Sunday, the fearless preacher said if the Nigerian Muslims do not change their ways, repent and turn to Allah; He  will afflict them with greater than their present predicament.

 “I am not surprised of how Nigerian Muslims are dominated and suffering; it  is because of our iniquities,” he said. “God has placed people who don’t like us because of our atrocities and complete drifting from teachings of God. It is not about population but serving God truthfully.”

 He told the story of a woman who called him because she had a problem, saying her husband had died, and she needed prayers.

 “Her complaint is all the places she went in search of prayers, all they are interested is sleeping with her. All the places from cleric to cleric, they said they are chasing Satan, but in reality, they are the Satan. Committing fornication in the name of    Allah, sleeping with married women, no, this is not acceptable. I have also heard of medical doctors doing same.

 “Other clerics are using the name of Islam to sell our rights and freedom to those in government. You see how people are being traded with; they are mortgaged by clerics to oppressors. How can a woman come, and you are touching her and there that you want to catch which, instead you are the witch. Anyone scaring you of Satan is the Satan. You see what we are going through is because of what we have done and Allah afflicted us these pains. We are in mess today, and if we repent, God will free us.”

 Sheikh Gumi concluded with a current experience. “Just today I saw Kaduna town filled with villagers who were loaded from villages to come out to serve individuals in the name of    Allah. Villagers don’t know that they are only used in achieving interests of the world. Will anyone who collected money from government not bring people to convince government? Those using them are only cheating our society. How can our society not be dominated?

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