Did you catch what model Joan Smalls Rodriguez was wearing on the cover of Elle magazine this past January? What an African flash-back! Joan Smalls-Rodriguez is a Puerto Rican fashion model. She ranks at number #8 on Forbes' 2013 World’s Highest-Paid Models list. Her dress looks like the straight Egyptian tunic dress.

Elle Jan 14 CoverElle Jan 14 Cover


It has a straight silhouette with one or two straps. It is not clear if all of these dresses exposed the chest area but some did and so does Joan’s dress. I’m not sure if our society is evolved enough to wear her dress to a part, but it does look nice on the cover of a magazine. The common women wore the tunic and the wealthy women wore the sheared pleated dresses.  Below are examples of different versions of straight tunics.

Egyptian Peasant FemaleEgyptian Peasant Female



Ancient Egyptian DressesAncient Egyptian Dresses

These dresses were worn in 1700 B.C. and have now been recycled and worn by model Joan Smalls-Rodriguez.

Egyptian Fancy DressEgyptian Fancy Dress Egyptian GoddessEgyptian Goddess





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