Alumni of Baptist High School, Osun State, are calling for an emergency meeting Sunday after the latest round of protests over the State's education reform policies.  The meeting is called for 2 p.m. at the school's premises.  

President of the Alumni Association, Professor Soji Aremu, told Saharareporters their intervention is crucial and that some of the reforms must be reconsidered. 

"The idea of making all students wear the same uniform across the State is totally wrong," he said. 

He added it is faulty to have "…fusion of all faith-base and gender-only schools into one."

The Osun State Education Reform policy, an ambitious goal of Governor Rauf Aregbesola, while reducing school fees and reorganizing school classification, has met some criticism and resistance.

Since Monday students at Baptist High School have been wearing school uniforms indicating their religious affiliation with Christians wearing white garments and Muslims wearing insignia.  On Wednesday, traditional believers at the school turned up in their masquerade costumes.

On previous occasions, students have fought one another and injured teachers in their refusal to observe the new reforms.




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