The context of terrorism, taking Boko Haram as a case study, have shown that many of us have misunderstood their aims. Some believe terrorism thrive on; arms sophistication, extremist ideas, large numbers, loyalty etc. But in real sense it doesn't seem that way, there are several elements which aid the existence of such intolerable acts in any society.

Like the parasite, who depends on a host to survive. For such unwanted acts to exist healthily in any society, terrorism/insurgency finds a way to twist itself around some major hosts with certain cruel characteristics. These hosts should include; general hatred, existing grudges, rival-ethnicity, religious intolerance, unemployment, gullibility, illiteracy, and most importantly, corruption. It harnesses these already-made evil sources in the society, to fuel its operation perfectly and helps ensure it remains unchallenged.

Analyzing the concept further, a terrorist organization has to depend mainly on these weapons to operate; Fear, Deceit(suspicions), Connections and Finance.

These perpetrators often amplify the fear created by single terror attack in people's mind, to enhance their chance of succeeding. They use all their strength and intelligence to hit a single target; be it school, bus station, government building or worship house. Then threaten us to close down the rest. Even if they don't have the capacity to carry out any more of such attack on all the mentioned/similar location. They brag, pose and do some crazy-acting on videos to show how formidable they are. Whereas in real-life, they always fear and hide from us.

Terrorists don't just sit back and take full responsibility for what they did, people uniting against them will be suicidal to those cowards. They generate deceit and suspicion among victims, to further confuse them. By simply making sure they leave enough trail to imply suspicion on both rival citizens after every operation. Its a very dangerous strategy which sometimes could start a civil war or heavy outbreak of crises. These will be mission succeed for them, as their main sponsors are those who benefits massively from crises and wars.

Connection is one of the major roots of those terrorists. For terrorism to have full strength in Nigeria, it must have access to full security plan of Nigeria, for insurgents to gain ground in Boronu, it surely have a listening ear in the state security meetings. The deeper their connection runs in the government, the more invincible they appear. No terrorist coward comes to Abuja, if they don't have full knowledge of the FCT security arrangement. No terrorist visits Buni-Yadi, Bama, or Chibok, if they aren't sure of the security capacity and movement around there. These connection is what they use to evade or divert military patrols. Their connection is what swallow the huge security budgets meant to fight the insurgency. The connection makes sure no agency or person can successfully investigate them.

The finance is also important, it’s what mainly accounts for their connections and informations sources. They buy security agents, media correspondents, public office holders, top officials etc to their side with heavy funds. They resort to corrupting as many systems in the society as possible, in order to conquer all effort that may be made by such system against them. In addition, they surely don't have countless voluntarily suicide bombers or thousands of well-trained foot soldiers as they often claim. If suicide bombing and death entail such extra rewards as they claim, I am sure the hiding-leaders will be the first to try such acts. Considering how their Leaders always run/dodge to evade death or arrest. One will wonder if anyone will actually die for such people, unless for the right price. Their foot soldiers and suicide bombers are mainly bought with huge funds or blackmailed to carry out such acts.

Recounting all these tools, which is what mainly fuel their continuous hold on us. We should implore both physical and mental ways to combat these miscreants.

First, we have to reshape our mentality, not to tremble in fear when the name Boko Haram is been mentioned (that only strengthens them).

Secondly, we must desist from falling for their tricks. It will be shame on us if these 'lunatics', are the ones dictating to us, what we should be thinking.

And lastly, the honest/God-fearing members of the government/society should stop selling suspicions and conspiracy, and rather investigate and expose the moles among them or us appropriately. This will be the best course of action.

However, we all have to do our best in eliminating the several sources, powering terrorism in our society. No matter the inconvenience, it should always be "Nigeria versus Boko Haram". Any attempt to further weakening Nigeria (by division or confusion), is an attempt made to strengthen Boko Haram against Nigeria, which is outright "treason". Nigeria is the only country that offers us full citizenship and constitutional franchise. Why not do our best to help solve its challenges, rather than selfishly adding to it?. Long Live Nigeria.


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