As West Africa battles with an outbreak of the deadly ebola virus, a man identified as a US citizen is reported to be undergoing testing for the virus in Ghana.

Ebola in West Africa The outbreak has hit several African countries that include Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, but there have been no confirmed cases found yet in Ghana.

The man, who was believed to have visited Guinea and Sierra Leone in recent weeks, has been quarantined at the Nyaho Clinic, a private health facility in the capital, Accra, health officials there say.

Ghana’s Health Ministry says it has put in place a series of “precautionary measures,” and has also advised citizens to stay calm.

Staff at the clinic have also reportedly been quarantined, and provided with protective clothing.

The virus has so far killed more than 460 people since it broke out in Guinea in February, and spread within the sub region.

It is the world’s deadliest outbreak to date of the fatal disease which so far has no known cure.

Meanwhile the US embassy in Accra told the Ghana press it had been informed of a suspected case of the disease involving its citizen, but would not issue any further details.

Health Ministers from some African countries ended a summit in Accra recently to figure out ways to deal with the deadly outbreak.

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