A Ghanaian pressure group, Ghanaians Against Bad Governance (GABG) yesterday staged a protest at the country’s embassy in Washington DC, USA.

The group was protesting a litany of issues, which they say are affecting the average Ghanaian. Corruption in government, a rapidly declining currency, a rising cost of living and a seeming unwillingness on the part of the president to monitor his appointees were key among their concerns.

PHOTONEWS: #OCCUPYGHANAEMBASSY - Ghanaians Protest At Ghanaian Embassy In Washington DC

Protestors could be seen arriving at the embassy around about 0900 hrs. local time. Half an hour later, after an opening prayer, they began chanting songs and displaying placards expressing their concerns. Some of the placards read “Need Help, Just Ask”, “Landcruisers not answer to bad roads” “Ghana Must Work Again”, etc.

Addressing the gathering, Kwaku Boateng, the convener of the protest spelt out the exact concerns the group was protesting about. He thanked his colleagues for making time on a busy working day to attend. He said the group is not partisan and is committed to raising a voice to halt the trend of mediocrity which affects everything in Ghana. “Everyone in Ghana knows that we are suffering as a nation, and all we are asking for is accountable governance”, he said.

Charles Acolatse, the legal co-ordinator for the group called the protest historic and a good good device for demanding accountability from government from a distance. “A group of non-partisan folks have come together to demand accountability from our leaders” he said.


Three representatives – Convener Kwaku Boateng, Legal Co-ordinator Charles Acolatse and a female member of the group, Sally Asare – were admitted into the embassy at 12.30 local time to present their petition. Acting Ambassador and Charge D’Affair Ama Twum Amoah received the petition on behalf of President John Dramani Mahama. She thanked the protestors and assured them that their concerns will be passed on to the appropriate authority. She also asked them to keep in touch with the embassy to work together for the good of all Ghanaians especially those in the USA. “We are all partners in the development of our country so please take up the offer and challenge us and see what we can do”, she told the representatives.

Kwaku Boateng later explained to our correspondent that the group is a non-partisan gathering of Ghanaians living in the US who are concerned with issues back in Ghana. He said they decided to come together to represent the voice of the ordinary Ghanaian after witnessing a litany of embarrassing situations back in Ghana. He stressed that corruption in government and the absence of a proper tracking system rides high among their concerns.

He stressed that the group is not calling for regime change but is rather carrying out its civic responsibility of putting government on its toes.



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