Sports men and women representing Abuja in competitions are beginning to switch allegiance to other states of the Federation ahead of the National Sports Festival to be hosted in Calabar.

Bala MohammedBala Mohammed Speaking to Sahara Sports at the Kwara State Sports Complex in Ilorin, two members of the Abuja badminton team, who begged for anonymity, narrated their ordeal at the hands of the FCT Sports authorities.

"Abuja doesn't have any regard for sports, hence our decision to seek other alternatives where we'll be treated with respect and our entitlements taken care of. We haven't received a dime in six months, how do they expect us to survive like that?" the first respondent said.

The second athlete said many of her colleagues in other sports have also decided to pitch their tents elsewhere as preparations for the Cross River event heats up.

"The two of us here aren't the only ones from Abuja that are trying to move to other states, many have been receiving calls from various places to come and join their team. I want to see what Kwara can offer, if it is good I stay, if not I will go to Oyo State. One of their officials has been calling me," she concluded.

Abuja has had a history of rows with its sports personnel, a few months ago the Abuja chapter of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) lashed out at the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Senator Bala Mohammed, over his alleged nonchalant attitude toward the state of sports in the capital, as well as very poor treatment of various sports teams under his control after the non-payment of 18 months salaries owed the capital’s female football team, the FCT Queens.

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