A nurse has tested positive for Ebola infection in Lagos today, increasing the number of Ebola cases to 13 according to anonymous government sources.

Nurse treating Ebola patients in Monrovia, LiberiaNurse treating Ebola patients in Monrovia, Liberia The infected, whose name was given simply as “Nkechi”, had been under quarantine in Lagos. Doctors monitoring her said she initially tested negative and had been cleared to leave the center, but suddenly developed high temperatures that led to new tests which showed that she in fact had the virus.

The sudden discovery of her case caused a stir within the center as to the veracity of tested cases, and the safety of those cleared to leave the quarantine center by doctors at the center.

The nurse was admitted today for care.

See Also News Nurse Who Skipped Ebola Quarantine To Travel To Enugu Is Transported Back To Lagos In A Special Ambulance In a related story, a nurse who last week skipped quarantine to escape to Enugu and was brought back to Lagos has tested negative for EVD and was subsequently discharged from the Ebola center.

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