Emmanuel Adebayor's older brother, Kola, says their mother is still heartbroken by the Tottenham FC’s witchcraft accusation, and it makes her weep every day.

Kola, a truck driver, based in Bremen, Germany, told The Sun on Sunday that Emmanuel has been brainwashed by some spiritual men who prophesies before he scores goals and tells him why he is not playing well. Emmanuel Adebayor with his mother

'They have convinced him his sister and mother put juju curses on him. My mother is very sad. Every day she is crying. I just talked to her on the phone, and she was crying again, ' he said.

It will be recalled that nearly two weeks ago, Adebayor was c  in a tango with his mother and other family members after a lady who introduced herself as Maggie (his sister) told listeners of a popular Ghanaian radio station that the former Monaco striker has neglected his own mother and family as far as kicking out the poor woman out of his house at a point.

In a rebuttal, however, Emmanuel Adebayor claims his mother is rather the one antagonizing him. "Look, my brother, let me tell you something.... My mum wants me dead!" he said on Accra’s radio sports show.

Meanwhile, the player was not included on the team list for today’s Spurs game against Everton which the north London club lost 2-1; this might not be unconnected to the off-pitch problems confronting the lanky forward player.

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