Boko Haram militants have kidnapped a new set of youths, numbering about 40, in Malari village in southern Borno State, fleeing residents said today. Mourners at a memorial service in honor of the victims of an August 26, 2011, bomb attack on the UN House in Abuja, Nigeria, for which Boko Haram claimed

The Boko Haram group stormed Malari, in Damboa Local Government area, on the eve of the New Year at about 9pm and abducted the youths, who by some estimates were about 50.

Ali Mallami, who fled the area into Maiduguri, said the militants forcibly gathered all the males in the village supposedly for preaching, and thereafter left with many of them.

"They gathered us in front of village head's house for preaching there after which they took away not 50 of our young youths between the ages of 15 to 30 years,” he said.  “We are afraid now because it was less than a month that they abducted more than 200 young girls and women Gumsiri village."

Ibrahim Musa, another resident who fled to Biu told our reporter that three of his sons, and another belonging to his younger brother, were among the abducted.

He said the youths were parked in two Hilux vehicles which headed toward Sambisa forest, the infamous Boko Haram camp, about 20 kilometres away.

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