Nothing drives a nation to penury than if certain of its citizens are by themselves their own enemies and by no means can such nation progress if it continues to wallow in the absurdity of its own folly. Permit me to state that for democracy in Nigeria to strive urgent steps must be taken to guide the institutions against pervasive individuals who seek to gain cheap popularity instead of selflessly dedicating themselves to nation building.  

President Goodluck Jonathan's campaign billboards flood major roads in Abuja

There is the clear pointer of how the executive arm of government especially the presidency seeks to perpetuate their stay in power against the will of the masses even when it is so glaring that winning an election can be near impossible given the little such government has done to improve the lots of the people. Why I asked, is it that Nigerians have never had a true leader that would respect him or herself and say “well, I have tried and I am so sorry that we could not fully implement our transformation agenda as promised…and for these reasons I will not seek a re-election.”? And, frankly, that is the highest honor a man can take home, if he is honest enough to accept his leadership failures and allow a more capable hand to do what would be in the overall interest of his followers.

The mentality of some inept personalities in power or on the corridor of power is to think without them the nation cannot strive, while they seek to hold the poor masses by their jugular veins with no remorse for their poor leadership skills vis-à-vis high level corruption in the nation.
The legislative arm of the Nigeria government is not left out. Since 1999 till present, the PDP lawmakers in the national assemble have performed abysmally below average. It is still unimaginable that the likes of Farouk Lawan, Stella Oduah and Allison Madueke have not been brought to book simply because our lawmakers themselves have at many times deepened and soiled their clothes in the odorizing corruption, paying themselves enormous wages along with furniture allowances and more. At this point, it is perfidious if those who ought to guide our constitutional laws are themselves the law-breakers.
To cap it all, come 2015 progressive Nigerians at home and in diaspora ask for nothing short of free and fair elections. They seek a new tide of leadership that will truly change their untold plights. They seek a highly decent Nigeria society with respect for human rights and the rule of law. They seek a nation where corruption for the high and mighty pen stealing billions is judged harder than the jobless bank robber who goes to steal few thousands from the bank. They seek a nation that prides itself in the diversity of its people and the prosperity of all.
Taiwo O. Adetiloye is a PhD student of information and systems engineering studying in Canada. Twitter: @toadetiloye

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