The Nigerians in Diaspora Organization in the Americas (NIDOA) has dissociated itself from apolitical rally being organized in support of a particular candidate for election in next month’s Nigeria presidential election.

In a statement signed by Gabe Okoye and Sam Afolayan, the Chairman and Secretary of the NIDOA Board of Directors respectively, the group said it had become aware and has seen some pronouncements made on behalf of the Organization purportedly by certain members of the Organization. 

NIDO logo

“Comments were credited to these individuals and photographs showing banners bearing the logo and name of NIDO were carried in support of a presidential candidate,” the statement said, noting that the matter was discussed by the Board last Sunday, and the issue then referred to its Investigation Committee for necessary action.

“The Organization unequivocally disclaims the statements credited to these individuals and maintains that they are NOT representative of the Organization’sposition nor those of its membership,” the statement said. “We affirm that the political support rally was NOT authorized by the Board of Directors of NIDO Americas. We also wish to make it abundantly clear that these individuals were not speaking for the Organization.”

It pointed out that NIDO is, has been, and remains a non-partisan organization, and that its mission is to engage the Nigerian government on programs, propose policies, and provide opinions that will advance the interests and welfare of all Nigerian citizens living in the Diaspora. 

“Our core goal is to utilize the NIDO forum as a platform for harnessing the talents and resources of the Nigerian Diaspora for the enhancement of Nigeria’s development. To this end, NIDO Americas will workwith the Nigerian Government and its policy makers to propose and implement strategies for achieving this goal.”

The statement said it was therefore regrettable and totally unacceptable that any member of NIDOA would engage in activities that do not align with its policies and bylaws, purportedly in the name of theOrganization. NIDOA, it asserted, stands shoulder-to-shoulder with all well-meaning Nigerians in support of:

    a)  A free, fair and peaceful electoral process at the local, state and federal levels;   

    b)  A violence-free election: before, during and after the elections; and 

    c)  A transparent process that would win the confidence of the electorate and minimize postelection litigations and inter-party rancor that may throw our fledgling democracy into and unwarranted tailspin.

It appealed for a peaceful process throughout the election season and requested all candidates to place the nation’s interest above their personal in the interest of the nation.

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