The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Youth Network, Ekiti State chapter, has vowed to work against and ensure its presidential candidate, Goodluck Jonathan, loses woefully in the forthcoming February presidential poll.

Goodluck and VP Sambo

The State Coordinator of the network, Tope Musowo, made the threat in a press statement sent to the SaharaReporters office.

Musowo, who decried the way the ruling federal government is handling situation in the country, said President Jonathan has failed by surrounding himself with sycophants.

"It is quite unfortunate that President Jonathan surrounds himself with political vultures who will mess up his good works, and these people don’t care if he loses or not. Let me make it clear here that Ekiti voters are the most sophisticated voters in Nigeria.

"If you understand the sociology and the political culture of Ekiti people, you will know that the result of June 21st governorship election in Ekiti will not necessary translate into victory for Jonathan come Febuary 14, go and ask Dr. Kayode Fayemi, the teachers and civil servants of Ekiti danced and sang for him on Wednesday at the stadium before they crucified him on Saturday at the poll."

He added "We have been using our personal resources to build the structure of the organization, just as they also mobilized their people across the state to the presidential campaign rally."

“As I speak, I have not seen any branded campaign bus for Goodluck Jonathan in Ekiti, the voice of the opposition party is louder in Ekiti than that of the ruling party, how will PDP win? And let me tell you, Ekiti voters will shock Jonathan and his governor." 

The statement said the people of Ekiti State are already tired of Governor Fayose, saying, "Fayose will not realize that the people of Ekiti are already tired of him, just as they were with Fayemi then, you see the sociology of the state is such that when they decide this is where the state is going, that is it. This explains why Fayemi lost in all the 16 Local Government Areas, and those that are ignorant of the sociology of the state will always attribute it to stomach infrastructure. 

"Ekiti is an homogenous state, the only state in the south west where everybody is Ekiti, unlike in other states; for instance Ondo State, we have the Akokos, the Ilajes, Ondos, the Ijaws and so on, but in Ekiti, we are all Ekitis and this homogeneity helps unanimity and consensus. I see this playing out in February poll again.

“PDP Youth Network is the only organization that spread across the 16 Local Government Areas, 132 towns, and the 263 farmsteads in Ekiti; our structure is in all the 177 wards of the state, yet neither the party nor the state government acknowledges our efforts.

"They did not accord us any recognition in spite of efforts during the governorship election, we have written letters to the state governor since last year to give us audience, to intimate him with our activities and structure across the state, no way.

"Therefore, we are left with no other option than to write our national office, that if other states decide to go on voluntary slavery, Ekiti people are not obliged to follow, because the days of monkey dey work baboon they chop are over," the statement concluded.

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