Edwin ClarkEdwin Clark

As the Nigerian army continues to battle insurgents with poorly supplied soldiers in the north, President Goodluck Jonathan has deployed more than 20 armed security agents to his godfather, Mr. Edwin Clark.

The security personnel include soldiers, mobile policemen, and civil defence agents and all of them are armed with sophisticated weapons.

As early as 10am, the security operatives were seen inside the compound, drinking various brands of beer and wine next to several exotic cars.

They later sauntered onto the nearby Haile Selassie Street to harass pedestrians and passing by vehicles.

On Tuesday when our correspondent visited the house, the security men were seen drinking inside the compound again.

A forlorn-looking Sgt. Anthony Bekalobe refused to take a Star Beer, which was being distributed by a Lance Corporal in the army.

Police Inspector Moses Chukwuma was seen happily drinking several cans of Star Beer with other soldiers in the compound.

Meetings are held daily with many anti-election supporters of Jonathan at Mr. Clark’s residence, Mr. Clark is said to preside over them.

Edwin Clark is the head of a group calling for the removal of the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. Attahiru Jega.

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