Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State

Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State spoke with SaharaTV on Buhari’s trip to London, the intense corruption in Nigeria, and the erratic behavior of Femi Kayode.

He described Muhammadu Buhari’s performance at Chatham House as like hearing “a president in waiting speak.” He added that Buhari took “responsibility for the success and failures under his administration.”

“The level of corruption has made things so bad that the states can’t even receive their money,” Governor Amaechi told SaharaTV about the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leadership. “Buhari will not tolerate corruption. Anybody in government that engages in corruption, [Buhari] will allow the law to take place.”

Governor Amaechi told SaharaTV that “the security of [Rivers State] has now been taken over by Mrs. Goodluck Jonathan.” The police are “only arresting APC members.”

On Femi Kayode, Governor Amaechi said that, “Femi lacks credibility. The things he said about PDP when he was in APC, are the same things he is now saying against APC. He’s been spoon fed all his life…Femi has never been governor.” Amaechi also added that “[Femi] had a mental case and was hospitalized in Ghana” when he was asked about Ayo Fayose’s media rants.

Governor Amaechi concluded by saying that he did not believe APC could lose if the elections are free and fair, and that Buhari will be campaigning once he returns to Nigeria.

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