Dr. Olusegun MimikoDr. Olusegun Mimiko

"Mimiko and his henchmen are at it again, to put the final nail in the coffin of Public Servants - Civil Servants, Local Government Staff, and Teachers in Ondo State, by threatening to dismiss or punish any of them that failed to vote for his sinking PDP and Jonathan during the forthcoming general elections. In a Press statement issued in Akure by the Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Ondo State Chapter, Omo’ba Abayomi Adesanya said, "it is on record that, since his coming on board, the six years administration of Dr. Olusegun Rahman Mimiko in the State, has annihilated the once vibrant State's Civil Service, by compromising the enshrined traditions of Integrity, Neutrality and ethical conduct of the Civil Servants. This he did, by dragging them into open partisan politics, and forcing them to wear Party's vests and address campaign rallies. 

"Obviously, a partisan Civil Servant is working for the Government in power and against the opposition and the society at large. One of his retired Head of Service was once sighted, boasting that he went into record as one of the first top bureaucrat in Nigeria to have politicised the Civil Service. The Head of Service could not confirm, whether what he did is in consonance with the ethos of the dual mandate given to  his predecessors by Lord Lugard and the erstwhile Colonial Officers or the personal reflections of the late Chief Simon Adebo as detailed out in his unforgettable years. The Head of Service,  who under the tutelage of Mimiko,  has destroyed all the enviable traditions laid down by his predecessors, and could not say whether he learnt anything from Augustus Adeboye, one of the eminent builders of the Nigerian Civil Service,  about the delicate separation between politics and administration. 

"While the top bureaucrats are busy destroying the modus operandi of Civil Service in Ondo State, the current Head of Service in Ogun State, Mrs. Modupe Adekunle openly condemn partisan politics among Civil Servants in Ogun State. As a matter of fact, she went further to emphasize that any Civil Servant found culpable is indirectly putting his job on the line.   This, therefore, is the right way to maintain neutrality and integrity of the Civil Servants, for the benefit of the society. 

"In a bid to divert the state financial resources for his personal use, Mimiko has refused to conduct Local government election in the past six years, and as such has unfettered access to the Local Government funds. Despite the huge statutory allocations to the State and Local Governments. Mimiko has thrown the State to unabated suffering and indebtedness without any concrete developmental project to show for it. In a bid to conceal his evil deed, he has continued to pressurize teachers and other civil servants across the State to throw their weight behind PDP and Jonathan in the forth-coming general elections. Unfortunately, Jonathan has neither passed-through nor deliberately visited the State in the last six years, until the heat of his re-election ambition. Of course, we are not surprised, as the incumbent Governor (Mimiko) has no monumental project that could attract the visit of the President in the past six years. 

"Teachers, Local Government Workers, Civil and Public Servants in Ondo State should align with the Progressive force of CHANGE blowing across the country. They should join forces with the Progressive minds to ensure that Dr. Olusegun Rahman Mimiko does not leave Ondo State without accounting for the mis-governance of the State under the coverage of the Jonathan-led federal administration. All Civil and Public Servants in Ondo State should reject the band of crooks led by the lousy, loquacious, empty-headed Clement Faboyede, a perpetual and unrepentant liar as well as Princess Oladunni Odu, a political prostitute and chameleon. Unfortunately, the ill-disposition of Princess Oladunni Odu (greed and unquenchable appetite for power) has deleted the good-will of Dr. Olusegun Agagu from her. This attitude obviously is alien to the Ikale clan.

"We therefore, implore all our Public Servants in the State to resist the pressure from this group of avaricious politicians and vote wisely, so as to liberate the State from the grip of political fraudsters.  Mimiko and his cohort cannot dismiss or ill-treat any worker in the State, if they perform their duties well in the coming general elections.




Omo'ba Abayomi Adesanya,

Publicity Secretary, 

APC, Ondo State, 


March 17, 2015.

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