As the election season finally draws upon us, there are certain issues we need to quickly put into perspective and understand the world around us. It was once a former military dictator and head of the Nigerian brotherhood of evil who once remarked that the problems Nigerians have is they don’t pay attention to us (meaning him and our leaders cum rulers), he stressed that they always show their hands and intentions but we end being caught in surprise when they make their moves.

I have paid close and detailed attention to Nigeria’s brotherhood of evil (a mafia like set-up to dictate who presides over the looting of the nation and how they want its social order to flow) whilst the rest of us have simply gone to sleep, these evil men have been sowing tares and they plan to set Nigeria on fire just to get their evil wishes. I recall the leader of this evil brotherhood once calmly insisted in an exclusive interview with Channels TV on his hilltop mansion he had no regrets about the June 12 1993 elections annulment and that as long as he is alive he would always want to know and have a hand in who becomes the president of Nigeria. Thus he gave the nation Olusegun Obasanjo when it seemed we had a quagmire with the death of Sani Abacha and subsequent poisoning of M.K.O Abiola, and was going to contest himself when Musa Yar’adua died as he didn’t trust Goodluck Jonathan enough then until he was reassured he could be inducted into the brotherhood of evil and do their wishes.

The same brotherhood of evil have always frustrated the ambitions of Muhammadu Buhari despite a vote bank of over 12 million Nigerians many of them poor Talakawas in the North. Thus to finally put a rest to Buhari’s ambition the brotherhood of evil had to come up with the ‘Hornets Nest’ strategy where Buhari would be coalesced into one strong opposition party and then schemed out at the primaries using the money politics of the PDP era and thus producing someone they can trust as a challenger to Goodluck Jonathan. It means either way whoever wins would still have been within the influence of the head of the brotherhood of evil. They may not control your decisions or curtail your power as president but they just need you to keep the existing social order of corruption, impunity, bribery and a nation mired under the rule and power of the devil. If you decide to break free they have means of checkmating you and for Jonathan it was the use of the Boko Haram issue to torment him and keep him in check.

But they failed with their ‘Hornets Nest’ strategy as Nigerians boldly stood up for change despite all the attempts to hoodwink them otherwise. Rather than this evil genius to give up and accept the will of God and the people of Nigeria, they have moved into their next plan which is what we are facing now and would have to confront head on after the elections should they choose to proceed now they have been exposed. We are facing what I call the last vestiges of the brotherhood of evil.

Their plan is the same old tactics used in 1993 to abort the June 12 elections but it would still come as a surprise to many Nigerians if they proceed with it as we had long forgotten such crude tactics and as usual we not paying attention to them as the evil dictator once remarked. First they looked for the easiest option, stymie the elections from holding and let President Jonathan hand over to a civilian interim government of national unity just like Ernest Shonekan was handed over to in 1993, this option they believe would save a lot of bloodshed. So they approach an opposition party leader whom they believe had greedy ambitions, but if at all he had, he is not a thick person. From the APC primaries he had clearly seen the cry for change by the people and knew it would be difficult to face his people with such rubbish interim arrangement. They then went on to another opposition party influencer in the north with the same proposal, he rejected it out-rightly because he knew he had settled whatever skeletons he had in the cupboard with Buhari and ready to live a penitent life within a new social order to be created should Buhari win.

With the easy non-blood spilling option out of the way, they are going for the full jugular. To achieve this elections had to be postponed, Boko Haram which the brotherhood of evil adopted, sponsor and give command too had to be destroyed somehow in six weeks by the same military it had given a battering too in the last six years to achieve a two-edged aim. One is to give President Jonathan (a willing tool in the hands of the brotherhood of evil) a seemingly solid position ahead of Buhari in the run up to the elections, as well as restore the tarnished image of the military (which the brotherhood were sabotaging). I hope you still with me as it gets more interesting. The military have gone on to claim lots of victory against Boko Haram (as normally they should without any sabotage), whilst Jonathan has appeared on war-fronts claiming all the credit as a successful C-in-C despite not having a hand in it. The next plan was to then rubbish the reputation of the Electoral Commission (INEC) boss Professor Attahiru Jega and lay a lot of land-mines ahead of the elections so as to diminish its end results or make it as inconclusive as possible via the judiciary should Buhari appear to be the winner.

In President Jonathan they found a willing tool as his desperation has allowed him fall for the plans of the brotherhood of evil the head of which he called his father, and have met with many of them whilst some other members are his defence and security chiefs. As the plot thickens they also have to take control of the ethnic militias, so therefore OPC under Gani Adams and Federick Fasheun have had their palms well greased by Jonathan, MASSOB led by Ralph Uwazurike also well bribed whilst the Niger Delta militias are good friends with Jonathan thus the South of Nigeria is effectively well taken care of, the head of brotherhood of evil and his influential members would take care of the North, so that whatever happens Nigeria does not fulfil the predictions of the US that we may break up as a country due to ethnic militias not agreeing to certain decisions in the country. The brotherhood reckon if there is going to be any mass protest or revolution by the people its only the ethnic militias like OPC, MASSOB and N/Delta militias that can stand up to the coercive and brutal force of the Nigerian Army and its usual terror accomplice the Nigerian Police Force (especially the MOPOL). Thus these militias need to be pocketed and that is what they have done so far.

The next line of the plan is to then go for an election whose credibility they have fought hard to tarnish and hope Goodluck Jonathan wins, should he lose and Buhari wins as expected then the final vestiges of the brotherhood of evil would be revealed. They do not mind having a mixture of civilian and military rule like we had for a while between 1992-1993. Governorship, National Assembly and State Assembly elections as much as possible would be allowed to stand whilst Buhari the likely winner of the 2015 elections is given the MKO Abiola treatment when a certain serving Major-General takes over via a bloody coup as military dictator. With the army having had its image restored by routing out Boko Haram, they would claim the need to keep Nigeria together as one was their reason for the intervention. They would refer the US and international community to their 2015 predictions for Nigeria, and insist with an inconclusive elections and violent aftermath they had to carry out the coup to calm things down. Buhari is then bound and incarcerated for seeking the restoration of his mandate, the influential opposition leader in the north who may rally the north against them in Buhari’s absence is got rid off likely via a plane crash so they do not lose sympathy with northerners, the opposition party leader in the South is somehow poisoned if possible or kept under house arrest and blackmailed into silence. In any case his people they reckon he would be too weak to mobilise to fight for him and Buhari's mandate as they have pocketed the militias he could use like the OPC and they know he has fallen out with a lot of other influential Yoruba leaders like the Afenifere. Thus there is no one to fight for Buhari, and any other protest from Nigerians can be quenched, whilst civilian governors and assembly members allowed to continue in power would be used to support their plans of working with a military dictator, until Buhari renounces his mandate and his disqualified for running for subsequent elections and they can then conduct new elections and plant their own evil member as president and continue the present social order we have in the country.

This may sound like fiction to some ears, but its the world around us in Nigeria and we need to pay close attention to these evil men and their brotherhood of evil. We are facing their last vestiges of evil and its like striking a snake and watching wriggle with all its strength with its last venom but what you do is to strike it again till its destroyed and not fear its final vestiges. Its the good news I bring to all Nigerians, do not fear the final vestiges of the brotherhood of evil as they have been cornered finally. They have gone on for too long with their evil and arrogance and now its pay back time for them from God. Man may plan but God has the final say, thus should they proceed with their plans Nigerians would do well not to listen to Pastors or Imams who they would use to ask them to accept the fake will of God and not protest. It is the will of the devil and it must be fought with everything we’ve got both from Nigerians at home and abroad. With this exposition, I wouldn’t be shocked if the brotherhood of evil revise their plans or abandon it altogether but they are too desperate and power drunk they fail to read the signs and times present in Nigeria at the moment. In Nigeria when someone owes you a debt, you set out quickly to catch them by surprise at home so as to request them to pay their debt. The brotherhood of evil are on the throes of destruction they would surely be consumed if only we set forth at dawn and stay one step ahead of them, we must resolve collectively as Nigerians not to allow them catch us by surprise. We must pay attention to them and protest with all our lives and everything we have if they proceed regardless with their evil, they must fail at all cost this time around.


Ola’ Idowu a Management Consultant and Researcher writes in from the UK. [email protected]


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