President Goodluck Jonathan waving to supporters in Kaduna today
It finally happened. The unimaginable finally became possible. The myth that an incumbent president in Nigeria can never lose an election was broken. The voice of the people was finally heard. No one ever believed that one day votes would count in this country. Only a few saw this coming and in the end the will of the people triumphed. I salute the courage of the people of Nigeria who stood under the rain, the sun and darkness to first cast their votes and protects same. This is a victory for democracy; a victory for the Nigerian people. This is a win-win situation for the masses.

President Elect Muhammad Buhari persistency is legend .That this indefatigability was always mistaken for desperation by mischief makers always made me retch. This is the conviction of a man to right the wrongs of the past. With his body language there is no disputing the fact that he wants Nigeria to be respected amongst the comity of Nations. This is a man who has always  been convinced like the rest of us  that Nigeria has no business being where she is today with the amount of resources we have. This is a man who it almost killed that our collective wealth was being pilfered by a very few. It took him four attempts to finally get the chance to try to put Nigeria on the world map again. This is a lesson for everybody. Never give up on what you believe in.

I have heard President –elect Muhammad Buhari’s acceptance speech and all I can say is it was reassuring. It bolstered hope, especially his take on corruption and terrorism-two of the main reasons why President Jonathan was booted out. I have every cause to believe that President Elect Buhari is set to take us on a journey of progression .Congratulations the People’s General.Congratulations Nigeria.

I am not a fan of his at all, but President Goodluck Jonathan has earned my respect by accepting the outcome of this election and subsequently calling the President Elect, Muhammed Buhari to congratulate him on his victory. That is a rarity. That was unNigerian and this singular act has kept the peace. The world expected the end of Nigeria after the elections. Tumult was expected by even the citizens. Police of neighboring countries it is understood had already been stationed around the borders to contain the chaos that will arise from the multitude of Nigerians who’d be fleeing into neighboring countries. President Jonathan should be commended and that’s where it should end though (it is hogwash to compare him to Mandela and hailing him as a hero).
Posterity would judge Professor Attahiru Jega right for conducting one of the most credible elections the world has ever seen. He is a role model.

In all these commendations however I have a slight worry. Well a big misgiving in the real sense. My concern is with the PDP-the opposition. The typical Nigerian politician as we all know is self-seeking and always wants to be where his bread is buttered. Except for a few, most of them are so languorous that they are unable to think and breed ideas as to how to make the best out of a bad situation.

My worry is that most PDP members will now want to decamp to the APC thus leaving the PDP moribund. This will not be healthy for our democracy and Nigeria cannot afford to go back to a one party state. Nigeria cannot afford the APC turning the new PDP.  Seeing now that the people have finally found their voice one expects the PDP to go back to the drawing board. It should know that it has goofed in the last 16 years and that Nigerians had had enough hence their having to leave the stage. One expects the PDP to stay together, come up with a fresh people oriented ideology, and build on it so that Nigerians will continue to remain the winners in this democracy. The opposition is one of the main ingredients that sweeten a democracy. The opposition in Nigeria today must strive to remain relevant.

Who says we cannot bring them back if they prove they have turned a new leaf? Who says with good (new) ideologies the masses won’t be convinced to bring them back? Who says Nigerians would not bring them back if the APC messes up?
The sight of the outgoing governor of Abia state along with greats like Ojukwu, Zik and Michael Okpara at a sign post at the Abia tower in Umuahia almost brought me to tears. That was the height of (self) deceit. What superciliousness!

I was in Abia state for the Christmas celebrations and it is safe to say the state is literally a wreckage-8 years of dissipation I must say. Abia which is supposed to be God’s own state is now God’s forgotten state and it may remain so if the people do not think and act right in two weeks.

The signs are not even good, what with the election of the same incompetence to the senate. It made me worry.  Does shit taste so good that my people always want to shove it down their throats?  I give them a benefit of doubt and take it as an oversight. I’d take it that the outgoing governor rode on the support of Jonathan, because that representation would amount to nothing. I’m just gutted for the Abia central people.

In 2 weeks Abians head to the polls yet again to decide her future. The next two weeks will determine if we are ready for another incompetent stooge or  ready to stand up to be counted. The next two weeks will determine if we are truly a serious state or a bunch of jokers! Abia chezie echiche!
Chiechefulam Ikebuiro
[email protected]

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