Marathon Runner Tuedon Morgan

Tuedon Morgan, 42, is the first Nigerian to run a marathon at the North Pole, according to the BBC.

Reflecting on her previous experiences running marathons in Antarctica, she said that “it was a playground compared to my experience at the North Pole.”

She explained that the North Pole was so cold that it was like a “magnetic field sucking all my energy out.”

Mrs. Morgan explained that she has not trained to run in cold climates because she now lives in Qatar with her family, where she runs in shorts and t-shirts.

There were 44 competitors from 22 different countries and “I finished quite late,” she said. “I was just singing and praying and when I got to the bend where I could see where other people planted their flags, I kept saying I have to plant the Nigerian flag there,” Morgan told the BBC during their interview.

According to Mrs. Morgan, who has now run 33 marathons, every race is different and that the North Pole did not have spectators but “in New York they virtually lift you off your feet.”

Tuedon Morgan said that she started running so that she could lose excess weight, and has since started a group with more than 5,000 women and published a cookbook. She makes sure to utilize her running time as her private time, before she begins work and family responsibilities.

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