Anne Welsh

SaharaReporters has confirmed that Anne Welsh, the CEO of the Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation, has been terminated from her position at the Foundation. News of her firing came just one day after SaharaReporters released a videotape of her planning to illegally launder 4.9 million dollars through the Foundation.

The video and report released exclusively by SaharaReporters shows Anne Welsh discussing detailed plans to use the Foundation’s Ebola relief activities as a front for laundering money supposedly collected from the Lebanese community in West Africa. Mrs. Welsh discussed these plans with two men identified as Lebanese businessmen.

The agreement reached, as seen on the video, is that Anne Welsh would launder the money sent to a bank account in Nigeria in exchange for a fee of $900,000.

Mr. Obasanjo told reporters that his Foundation has reported the matter to the UK Charity Commission and the UK Police. According to his statements Franklyn Lisk is now the CEO of the Foundation.

Mr. Obasanjo also told members of the media that Mr. List has been the CEO of the Foundation since Mrs. Welsh met with the Lebanese businessmen.

SaharaReporters will continue to follow up on these events and report as news becomes available.

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