Olisa metuh

In a statement issued by Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) spokesman Olisa Metuh, he claimed that the PDP would deactivate its Twitter and Facebook accounts over an alleged hacking.

The Twitter handle, @PDPNigeria, on Sunday tweeted out “we accept responsibility for all that has gone wrong & bad in the last 16years & we give you Nigerians the credit for successes recorded,” which the PDP have formally stated was from a hacker.

This social media hack also brought another problem to the fore, which Mr. Metuh said was that “media houses, particularly the electronic media and the civil society should note that only authorized persons should be invited to speak or stand in for the PDP for interviews, debates, talk shows or any other media appearance whatsoever.”

Unofficial spokesman or PDP politicians would be treated in the media as speaking for the Party, Mr. Metuh complained.

In his statement Olisa Metuh emphasized that any grievances Party officials have should addressed through proper internal channels but that the “directive does not in any way affect the inalienable constitutionally guaranteed rights of our members as free citizens to hold and air opinions but such personal opinion must not in any way be rendered or reported as the official position of the PDP.”

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