Senator-elect, Buruji Kashamu

Buruji Kashamu’s lawyer, Ajibola Oluyede, told SaharaTV during an exclusive interview that there was no way that “Kashamu will be taken to America alive.” Buruji Kashamu is the Senator-Elect for Ogun State and his residence has been under siege by Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) agents since early this morning.

Mr. Oludeye was referring to the ongoing saga centered on the extradition order from the United States for Mr. Kashamu on drug-related charges. He repeatedly told SaharaTV that this police action amounts to nothing less than an abduction of the Senator-Elect.

Mr. Oludeye spoke with SaharaTV from inside Kashamu’s residence, which was under total police control. He told a SaharaTV correspondent before the interview “I cannot provide my phone to Buruji Kashamu because the police are denying entry to everyone to his bedroom.”

At 4:30am in Lagos, according to reports, the NDLEA agents surrounded Mr. Kashamu’s residence while he was asleep inside. According to the narrative provided to SaharaTV by Austin Oyinokor, the Senator-Elect’s Media Adviser, the NDLEA agents attempted to break his house for the purposes of arresting Kashamu.

Mr. Oludeye confirmed to SaharaTV that the NDLEA agents were attempting to arrest Mr. Kashamu on the drug charges and warrants from the United States. However, when asked whether Senator-Elect Kashamu will be placed on a plane to the United States Mr. Oludeye said that, “Kashamu won’t be taken alive to America.”

After lengthy negotiations between Kashamu’s legal team and the Attorney General, it was decided that rather than jail Senator-Elect Kashamu today that he would be “be put under house arrest until Monday” where he will be moved to the Court for a formal legal proceeding.

When asked who was behind these latest legal problems, Mr. Oludeye said that, “We have mentioned Obasanjo’s name as the instigation of the house arrest. It’s no longer an issue of suspicion, we believe very strongly that Obasanjo was the instigator for this abduction plan.”

As the situation continues to develop it is unclear whether Senator-Elect Buruji Kashamu will be arrested at the Court House on Monday, or whether his arrest would lead to extradition to the United States.

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