Sepp Blatter, FIFA President Sepp Blatter, former President of FIFA, just announced that he will resign as President of FIFA, amid a major international scandal involving 14 senior FIFA officials accepting 10 million dollars in bribes from the South African government. 

Since last week the FBI in the United States has charged 14 with high level officials corruption. 

The former FIFA President announced that he will initiate an "extraordinary congress" to find his successor. 

"I only want to do the best for FIFA and my institution. I decided to stand again as the best option for football. The elections are closed but the challenges we face haven't come to and end. FIFA needs restructuring. Although fifa have given me a new mandate, it doesn't seem to be supported by everyone - fans, clubs. Those who inspire FIFA like we do."

Mr. Blatter's career comes to a quick resignation after being the most powerful man in football for 17 year.

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